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Technical Papers of the Conference

  1. Plunger Lift System Case Studies in Gas Field of ONGC, Tripura Asset, India.

  2. Application of Industrial Symbiosis to Achieve Sustainability in the Oil and Natural Gas Sector in India.

  3. High-Pressure Gas Well Killing Using a Volumetric Method: Addressing Two Different Cases within a Single System.

  4. Design methodology for real-time hydrate inhibition during open hole gravel pack pumping operations.

  5. Skin Effect Heat Management System (SEHMS) for a Pipeline.

  6. Estimation of horizontal stresses in the Deeper coal bed reservoirs from Geophysical logs in Raniganj basin.

  7. Optimizing Completions Technologies and Advanced EOR Applications through CFD and FEA: Case Studies and Best Practices.

  8. QR-Patrol Mobile Based Application for RoU Patrol Monitoring.

  9. Digitalization and AI technologies for achieving operational excellence.

  10. Case Study: Tripura Asset has put its Exploratory Well back on track after Recovering complete fish by spotting Enzyme pill.

  11. Advanced Process Control for Gross Heating Value Optimization in Gas Production.

  12. Drilling Operations Optimization and Performance Analytics powered by Machine Learning and AI.

  13. Effect of Single-Step and Size-Controlled Silica Nanofluid as Promoter for Gas Hydrate Formation: Thermodynamics and Kinetic Studies.

  14. Challenges in operation of deep subsea wells and mitigation of hydrate formation.

  15. Steam Header Pressure Stabilization and STG Power Maximization using Advance Process Control.

  16. Successful Start-up of waxy crude oil at turn down rates using Innovative strategy from challenging Indian Deepwater.

  17. Nanofluid treated Cement Slurry of Improved Properties, Microstructure, and Shale Swelling for HPHT Cementing.

  18.  ABH Field Digitalization using Edge Technology.

  19.  Production optimization in Oilfield operations using Advance Process Control.

  20.  Artificial Intelligence based Safety Monitoring & Surveillance in Industrial Environments.

  21.  IIoT-Based Continuous Monitoring of Surface Critical Equipment in Oil and Gas Facilities.

  22.  Leveraging Process Digital Twin for Enhanced Operations in Onshore Oil and Gas Facilities.

  23.  Economic Feasibility Study of Enhanced Oil Recovery by CO2 Injection and Storage in Gandhar Oilfield Located in Gujarat

  24.  IOT based Steam Trap Monitoring.

  25.  Remotely operated vehicle (ROV) assisted Troubleshooting in deep water sub-sea wells.

  26.  Flow assurance challenges during oil production from deep water subsea wells and their mitigation.

  27.  Innovative pathways to Decarbonization.

  28. Advanced Offshore Cargo Transfer Systems: Innovations and Challenges.

  29. PCP Performance Enhancement and Run Life Improvement in Challenging well Environment: Innovative Strategies and Insights

  30. Enhancing the Mean Time Between Failures (MTBF) of Sucker Rod Strings for PCP Systems running in harsh environment

  31. Drone Based Overhead Transmission Line Inspection in Oil Business

  32. Addressing Debris and Polymer Deposition on ESPs: A Study of Jet Pumps as Backup Artificial Lift

  33. Technical & operational challenges in developing unconventional Tight oil ABH field, Rajasthan

  34. Case Study of ABH Digitalization - Cloud Based Real-Time Monitoring of Tight Oil Field by Applications of Edge Gateway Device, Automatic Fluid Level Analyzer and Analytical Dashboards

  35. Unveiling Unconventional Dyna-card Signatures For Enhanced Pump And Sucker-rod Run-life In Horizontal Wells

  36. Exemplary HSE practices in ABH tight oil field development : A comprehensive study

  37.  Successful Chemical Water Shut-Off Treatment in Heavy Oil Fields of India

  38. Transforming Production Dynamics: Sobhasan Complex of Mehsana Asset Witnesses Remarkable Growth via Efficient Production Enhancement Initiatives

  39. Development Story of a Highly Viscous and Unconsolidated Reservoir: Case Study from Lanwa field of Cambay Basin, Mehsana, Gujarat

  40. Use of Eco-friendly waste to stabilize HPHT drilling fluid

  41. Performance Enhancement Of In-situ Combustion (ISC) Process Through Optimal Placement Of Toe-up Horizontal Producers And Staggered Air Injectors In Dipping Reservoirs.

  42. Generation And Distribution Of Heavy Oil In Mehsana-Patan Block Of Cambay Basin, India.  

  43. Advanced Automation Strategies for Optimizing PCP Performance in Polymer Flooded EOR Fields.

  44. Knowledge-based Cognitive A.I. Accelerates Drilling Data Quality Assurance and Well Planning Workflows.

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